WordPress Comment Textarea Missing

I just noticed the textarea for comment submission is screwed up on my blog. Upon inspection I see a iframe not a textarea and I cannot add any comments, atleast on Chrome (I also tried IE and I could type and use ALT commands but there is no border).

After systematically disabling plugins, I found the culprit to be Crayon Syntax Highlighter v2.2.0. In particular two settings (Admin > Settings > Crayon) have to be changed to quick fix the comments. Uncheck both Display the Tag Editor in any TinyMCE instances on the frontend (e.g. bbPress) and Allow Crayons inside comments. I cleared my cache and reloaded my blog and tada the comments textarea is back.

I don’t know if this is related to my theme (Montezuma) or some other WordPress setting that uses the TinyMCE interface for the comments. Any ideas?


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